Air Coastal Resource and Management

Description: Building efficient and effective community, Ridge to Reef engages in promoting conservation of coastal resource through integrated and adaptive approach of management. The team has been involved in utilizing evidence-base policy recommendation with its partner institution. Services includes, but not limited to:

Establishment of Marine Protected Area

The team have capable technical experts to conduct biophysical (coastal resource inventory) and social assessment to assess the viability of the site for the establishment of marine protected area. The team with its pools of experts can facilitate coastal resource management planning. Monitoring and evaluation are essential in every program being implemented to verify and further improve the system. Conduct of Management Effectiveness Tracking Tool (METT) is also being provided by the company.

Coastal Zoning

Coastal Delineation is crucial to resolved and avoid possible use conflict. Ridge to Reef provides services specifically to local government units to clearly define coastal resource utilization through crafting of coastal resource zonation.

Vulnerability Assessment in Coastal Communities

Building Climate-smart ecosystem, the conduct of vulnerability assessment is essential in linking environmental, social and economic data and this will be utilizing as strong policy recommendation in managing vulnerable coastal ecosystem. The company through its team of experts provides the assessment and directs local government units to establish mitigation opportunities adapting to climate change.

Integrated Coastal Resource Management

Building resilient and resistant community, ridge to reef approach of management engages long-term planning of coastal resources to increase productivity thereby alleviate income for coastal communities. As the company name stands, resource person provides technical expertise to package integrated coastal resource management from planning to monitoring and evaluation.