Ridge To Reef provides professional services to Water Quality Management (WQM) sector.
Our team have been involved in providing technical assistance in Preparing Wastewater Management (WWM) Strategic Plans, Developing Low Cost and Sustainable Wastewater Treatment Systems, and Preparation of Compliance Documents for Permitting Requirements. 

Our key WQM sector services include:

  1. Wastewater Management Strategic Plans
  • Preliminary/Mobilization activities;
  • Presentation of WWM Assessment Result;
  • Assessment results; objective setting, technical options Workshop;
  • Finalization of Strategic /Implementation plans; and
  • Identification of specific project
  1. Developing Low Cost and Sustainable Wastewater Treatment Systems
  • Preparation of engineering designs and cost estimates;
  • Technical assistance in the redesigns and revisions of existing wastewater treatment facilities (WWTF);
  • Technical assistance in the development of WWTF operations manual and training of staff;
  • Assist in project contracting;
  • Develop waste minimization and conservation initiatives for the users of the facilities;
  • For LGUs: Assist LGUs develop WWM projects and prepare technical and financial/business plans; Organize study tour of LGU officials to functional WWM facilities;
  1. Preparation of Documents needed for Permitting Requirements
  • Preparation of Wastewater Discharge Permit Applications (Old and New Sources);
  • Preparation of Engineering Reports; and
  • Preparation of Compliance Monitoring Reports (CMR) and Self-Monitoring Reports (SMR);