1. Organize an assessment team composed of a Liaison Officer, Civil Engineer, Architect and Environmental Planner.
  2. Primary and secondary data gathering (i.e. baseline environmental traffic conditions, review of Environmental Impact Statement/Initial Environmental Examination, Environmental Compliance Certificate, etc.);
  3. Site visit and assessment (i.e. conduct of traffic impact analysis such as Intersection/Arterial Capacity Analysis, and Assessment of Infrastructure);
  4. Preparation of traffic impact mitigation write up (i.e. Identify mitigation measures and traffic management plans);
  5. Documentations
  • Integration of all data and assessments;
  • Preparation of Traffic Impact Assessment (TIA)write up; and
  • Concurrence of TIA team on the output.
  1. Presentation of output to proponent.
  2. Finalization and reproduction of TIA; and
  3. Submission of output to proponents.