Ridge To Reef provides professional services to Solid Waste Management (SWM) sector.   Our specialist team have been involved in providing technical assistance in the preparation of SWM capability workshops and preparation of Integrated Solid Waste Management Planning (ISWM) and design of disposal facilities.

Our key SWM sector services include:

  1. Preparation of ISWMP
  • Conduct SWM Orientation;
  • Conduct SWM Assessment and Waste Analysis and Characterization Study;
  • Facilitate the conduct of study tours/cross visit to successful SWM learning sites;
  • Conduct of workshop on ISWMP formulation – engineering component, IEC support, policy support and enforcement, etc.; and
  • Management and financing.
  1. Preparation of sanitary landfill (SLF) designs;
  • Prepare SLF categorized designs based on the WACS projection of each LGU; and
  • Prepare manual of operations and project profile.