Ridge To Reef provides professional services to Environmental Impact sector.   Our specialist team have been involved in providing technical assistance in the application for ECC (i.e. Environmental Performance Report and Management Plan and new applications)

Our key EIS sector services include:

  1. Primary and secondary data gathering (i.e. baseline environmental conditions for air and water quality);
  2. Site visit and assessment;
  3. Documentations
  • Integration of all data and assessments;
  • Preparation of project write up;
  • Accomplishment of Project Environmental Monitoring and Audit Prioritization Scheme (PEMAPS);
  • Notarization of ECC application documents and PEMAPS;
  1. Finalization and reproduction of Environmental Impact Study and Initial Environmental Examination Report (IEER);
  2. Submission of final ECC application documents to EMB-DENR XI;
  3. Payment of the corresponding application fees; and
  4. Follow-up of ECC release.