Ridge To Reef provides professional services to Air Quality Management (AQM) sector.   Our specialist team have been involved in providing technical assistance in designing Air Pollution Control Devices (APCDs), Air Dispersion Models, and Preparation of Compliance Documents for Permitting Requirements. 

Our key AQM sector services include:

  1. Design of APCDs
  • Gravity settling chambers (GSC);
  • Cyclones;
  • Filtration units – baghouse filters; and
  • Wet scrubbers.
  1. Preparation of Air Dispersion Models
  • Presents the background information that puts atmospheric dispersion models into a wider context and highlights the issues that should be considered before using them;
  • Provide review of the Gaussian-plume and advanced models that are commonly used for regulatory applications;
  • Provide review of the more specialized applications of dispersion modelling;
  • Provide information that should go into an atmospheric dispersion model to ensure good quality information is obtained;
  • Acquire reliable and representative meteorological input for air quality modelling purposes.
  • Presentation of modelling results clearly and simply, including the interpretation of modelling results.
  1. Preparation of Compliance Documents for Permitting Requirements
  • Preparation of Permit to Operate Air Sources (POAS) for old and new sources;
  • Preparation of Engineering Reports; and
  • Preparation of Compliance Monitoring Reports (CMR) and Self-Monitoring Reports (SMR);