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Ridge to Reef has been doing services with the help of the great-expanse of variations of the company’s professionals. Here, we value teamwork and camaraderie. Wherein, during project undertakings, Ridge to Reef encourages and embraces every knowledge shared by our employees.

Because in Ridge to Reef, we see everyone not just as a typical colleague at work, but as a family of our own.

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Ridge to Reef has been in the industry for 6 six years and counting. During this period, the company has been intact and well-experienced in handling various projects stated on Our Services.

With that, Ridge to Reef can give their clients assurance that they can provide the quality of service they deserve.


Ridge to Reef is aware that changes in technology and other advancements in the society is inevitable. Hence, the company is in an open mind by adapting to the fast-paced world by being innovative and advanced in technology and other services.

Ridge to Reef believes in non-stop learning and adjusting to cope with the new trends in the industry to provide services for their client that are timely.




Meet the Team

Diego Tautho

Engr. Diego B. Tautho, MSERM, REB, Enp

Senior Partner

Civil Engineer
Environmental Planner
Real Estate Broker


EnP. Marie Antonette Pana-Tautho MSERM

Senior Partner

Marine Biologist
Environmental Planner
Master of Science in Environmental and Resource Management


Geol. Dana Gabrielle B. Tautho

Junior Partner

Environmental Geologist and Consultant

Noel Punay

Arch. Noel A. Punay


Project Manager

Paul 600x600

EnP. Fabian Badiang

Environmental Planner

Masters of Science in Environmental & Resource Management
Business Development Manager

Jackie Lyn Paña

Corporate Secretary and Accounts Manager

BSBA Management and Accounting

Karen Portolazo

Staff Accountant and HR officer

BS Accounting Technology

Mary Rose Ofianga

Senior Economist

BS Accounting
Solid Waste Management Specialist

Raynsil R. Lumpay

Design Intern

BS Architecture

Engr. Jeremiah Esguerra

Junior Engineer

Mining Engineer
Design and earthwork Specialist

Engr. Jerald Ygoña

Junior Engineer

Mechanical Engineer

Engr.Jociel Tecson

Junior Engineer

Environmental Consultant

John Rodney Paña

Purchasing and Maintenance Manager

Computer Technical Support

Jake Reodique

Mechanic Maintenance Supervisor

Advance Automotive

Romeo R. Duaves

Procurement Officer

Mechanical Engineering

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